Sustainability Learning

Outdoor Learning
Evidence shows that outdoor learning enhances the health and wellbeing of children.
An Daras schools regularly have the opportunity to visit the Trust's Outdoor Learning Centre in Lewdown where they engage in outdoor learning and develop their skills in this area.
The Centre provides opportunities for pupils to gain appreciation and respect for nature and to understand the impact that people have on the environment.
Pupils are able to develop social skills and work as part of a team. They learn to manage risks through the use of tools.

This term pupils have been focusing on understanding the effects of climate change on the  environment. They have had the opportunity to take part in many practical activities from making a  terrarium to building dams. The activities have helped them to understand eco-systems, pollination and the effects of global warming. 


Skills  learned have included reading scales on thermometers, identifying places on maps, weaving using natural materials, planting seeds and herbs and cooking. 


Pupils have learnt a lot about Planet Earth and how they can change the way they do things to help to reduce climate change.