Why An Daras?

Mrs Abby Bassett

Head of School


"I have had the privilege of working within the Trust since it first formed, and I have been part of the positive journey it has been on. Being part of the Trust has not any given me the support of networking with other colleagues but it has also given me many opportunities for career progression.

As a school and a Trust, we are very passionate about pupils gaining a wide range of experiences and inspiring them to high aspirations for themselves. We have worked very hard to give pupils these experiences and deliver a broad curriculum to prepare them to be lifelong learners who strive to make a positive contribution to their local community and the world around them."

Mr Oliver Stephens

Assistant Head of School


Since joining the trust as a teacher at Coads Green School in 2018, An Daras Trust has had such a positive impact on the schools I have worked in and given me great opportunities for career progression. The team across the trust has become a fantastic support network from whom I have learned so much. The trust has high expectations of staff and pupils but gives each school earned autonomy so that they can keep and flourish in their unique characteristics. From a personal point of view, I have been given the confidence to take the opportunities given to me and have developed greatly as a teacher and as a leader.

Miss Jasmin Edwards

Year 1 Teacher


Igniting curiosity and growing capabilities is not only what the Trust does for its pupils but also the staff that work within. After completing my BEd Primary (Humanities) degree at the University of Plymouth, I started my journey with the An Daras trust in September 2020 as a fresh faced NQT ready to take on challenges and a wide variety of roles. This was a particularly difficult time as, as a country we had just started to come out of our long lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic. I started my role as a Year 2 teacher at Windmill Hill Academy. During this time, I received great support from different members of my school and our one of our Trust improvement officers Deborah Saunders. My first year prepared me for the important years that lied ahead. After completing my NQT year I then took upon the role as outdoor learning lead and Visible Learning Coach at Windmill, roles I enjoyed and learnt much about through the range of courses and resources I had made available to me due to the wide variety of staff we have within the Trust.

Fast forward to my third year of teaching I changed year groups to work in Year 1. Not only did I have a change of year group but also a change of subject leadership. I went from being Outdoor learning lead to RE lead which enabled me to use the skills I had learnt from my degree. That year also saw me become the Go Cornish Lead at Windmill so with my four hats I continued my journey. The support the An Daras Trust gives never stops. I also had the opportunity to work with our other Trust improvement officer Neil Swait where I was able to not only draw upon his knowledge but have the opportunity to have great discussions and visit other schools. Without being in our Trust is an opportunity I wouldn’t have had.

Now in my fourth year with the Trust, I am the Year 1 teacher, RE lead, a Visible Learning Coach, Go Cornish Lead, apart of the Coaching team and I have recently taken on the role of Science lead across the Trust. We not only aspire the children to have high aspirations, but we also have high expectations of ourselves. Daras means door in Cornish and this Trust will open doors for you just like it has for me.