Vision & Values

To achieve the desired impact of pedagogical, theological and personal growth amongst our pupils, staff, community and wider stakeholders the Trust is committed to delivering, through its educational provision, the following:


Trust Vision‘Igniting Curiosity, Growing Capabilities’

‘The growth of Capability Mature children who are positively engaged, compassionate, competent young people conscious of the part they play in society, who are curious about the world around them and their place in it.’


Trust Theological Inspiration‘Act justly, love constantly, live humbly’ (OT/Micah 6 v8) and ‘Love your neighbour just as much as you love yourself’ (NT/Luke 10:25-37 Parable of the Good Samaritan)


Trust Strategic ThemesLearning curiosity enabling growth in Personal and Group Capability, Wisdom and Knowledge (See table below for more details)


Trust Capability Curriculum ElementsDetermination, Managing feelings, Confidence and Advocacy, Communication, Relationships and Leadership, Creativity


These aspects underpin the strategic decision making and educational improvement working of the Trust. Our vision and mission statements are fully integrated into the Trust wide Primary Curriculum Strategic Framework which maps the delivery of the Trust Strategic Themes and Capability Elements into effective operational provision at individual school level.



Trust Strategic Themes




School ethos explicit and lived with rules and consequences clear and consistently followed. Staff and pupils understand school intent and behave in accordance.

Curriculum broad and deep with children communicating curiosity to learn.

Children show ability to learn and grow in all subjects and learning activities. They are Capability Mature.

Collective worship giving space for contemplation and reflection. Children behave with thought and care.

Knowledge taught appropriately to each year group with no repetition but learning connection links to prior learning.

Children able to talk about their learning and how they hope to improve social and emotional capabilities.

Anti-social behaviour and prejudice is treated appropriately so that children grow into Socially and  Emotionally Mature Citizens.

Test results and teacher assessments show good progress in all subjects with sufficient inclusive provision for SEND and GDS.

Children cope well in unexpected circumstances using resources and own capacity to achieve their best.