Visible Learning

Visible learning is a research database, a school improvement initiative as well as a call to action to focus on what works best to impact learning.  An Daras Trust became an accredited Visible Learning Partner in 2019 after implementation of the recognised improvement programme across its schools since 2016.


The Visible Learning improvement programme is based upon the principles from John Hattie’s ongoing synthesis of meta-analyses about the effect of various influences on learning. Each influence on learning has a carefully calculated effect size. The ongoing findings are used to inform training and provision within the Trust schools.


Pupils within our schools are developing the ability to display these essential learning characteristics of a visible learner.


  • Can be their own teacher
  • Can articulate what they are learning and why
  • Can talk about how they are learning- the strategies they are using to learn
  • Can articulate their next learning steps
  • Can use self-regulation strategies
  • Seek, are resilient, and aspire to challenge
  • Can set mastery goals
  • See errors as opportunities and are comfortable saying that they don’t know and/ or need help
  • Positively support peer’s learning
  • Know what to do when they don’t know what to do
  • Actively seek feedback and provide feedback to the teacher
  • Have metacognitive skills and can talk about these


In essence, pupils are assessment capable.  Assessment Capable Learners can ask and find the answer to: Where am I going? How am I going there?  Where to next? Pupils see learning as hard work, have a ‘can do’ approach and a desire to succeed. This links successfully with the Trust vision of 'Igniting Curiosity, Growing Capabilities'.