Trust School SIAMS Reports

St Catherine's C of E Primary
'Supportive leaders have established an effective Christian vision in partnership with An Daras Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). The vision is applied in everyday school life, and adds value to the lives and pupils and their community. Governors are committed to the vision and they monitor its impact.' (SIAMS Inspection Report/May 2022)
'The school is part of the An Daras MAT, and has strong partnerships with both the Trust and Truro Diocese. This gives access to a range of high-quality training and monitoring. Consequently, staff are given the knowledge and skills to support pupils in their learning and development, allowing them to flourish. In return, and in line with their Christian vision, the school shares their expertise in ethos development and RE with other schools in the Trust. School governors and directors of the MAT are very supportive of the school as a Church school. (SIAMS Inspection Report/May 2022)
'Staff have access to good quality training in RE, and the lead teacher of RE also coordinates and monitors the subject across the MAT. This means that good practice is shared across the Trust, and staff are able to develop and flourish. The school effectively meets statutory obligations for RE, and pupils enjoy the subject. They have a good knowledge and understanding of Christian theological concepts including sin, salvation and the Holy Trinity. They are able to articulate their own beliefs and opinions on these issues. RE relates to everyday life decisions, and is a safe place for pupils to discuss and debate. It includes a wide range of faiths and worldviews, with pupils identifying lessons on world religions as some that they enjoy most. The lead teacher has put in place a sound system of tracking assessment, which gives accurate feedback to teachers, enabling them to plan effectively for pupil progress.' (SIAMS Inspection Report/May 2022)
Lew Trenchard C of E Primary
'Since joining the An Daras Multi-Academy Trust, the new leadership team have made impressive progress in re-evaluating and promoting the Christian distinctiveness of the school. The thorough consultation process to review the school’s vision and values involved all members of the school community, which is reflected in a sense of ownership and the way they underpin every aspect of school life' (SIAMS Inspection Report/Jan 2018)


'Leaders consistently articulate and promote a clear vision based on distinctive Christian values. They acknowledge that joining the multi-academy trust (MAT) has made a positive impact on the school and the new leadership team are making remarkable progress in all areas' (SIAMS Inspection Report/Jan 2018)


'Governors are very positive about the future of the school and feel well supported by the Trust' (SIAMS Inspection Report/Jan 2018)